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Tall, Taller, Tallest

As a niece of three extra-tall uncles and the sister of a 6’2” brother, I was not surprisingly the tallest girl in my high school class at 5’10”.  (And no, I did not play basketball.)

Also not surprising, my two grandsons are taller than their above-average-tall father. Not sure of the height of the older (6’2-ish I think), but the younger, finishing his junior year of high school is now 6’5”. 

Pictured above, a shorter-than-I used-to-be-me with two very handsome quite tall young men. 

I just had to share this!

(Apologies--I have failed to get the photo to be smaller so you will have to scroll across.)


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Kate Hughes

That’s a wonderful photograph.
Such handsome boys!
Sometimes we are fortunate to capture a perfect moment.

Kate Hughes

The photograph came out the right size for viewing on my email, and oversized when I came to comment.
Still easy yo see it was a wonderful photo.

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