What Happened to Playing Outside?

M.D.-Free and Lovin' It

As of today, it has been 7.5 weeks since my last medical appointment.

Normally, when I get into my car, it expects to head to one of two medical locations. Earlier this spring, I had so many appointments in one week that I accidentally “let” my car drive to the wrong location and barely made it to the correct place without missing my appointment.

I am grateful for my good medical care because no one I know my age has nothing wrong.  But I don’t like the feeling that going to a doctor is my job!

My extra free time has been delightful—more walking, more writing, more reading—all good. But like all good things, this too comes to an end. In the next four weeks, I have five medical appointments.

Just part of being 80-something.


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Barbara Chatzkel

That seems very familiar.
I purposefully keep 1 of every 3 months "doctor free" and schedule no medical appointments.

It gives me some freedom and my team is in favor of fewer visits.

Keep Cool.

Irwin Lengel

Couldn't agree with you more.
Sometimes it seems that the only reason we get in the car to go anywhere, it is to a doctor of one sort or another.

Oh well, if that is what keeps us going and taking nourishment, so be it.

Have a good day.


So true. Taking care of your health is a full time job but being mobile and active feels so good. You have had some fun trips which would not have been possible without all your attention to your health. You are an inspiration to me, a few years younger, that the fun continues. Have a great week

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