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Who Am I Talking To? Or, To Whom Am I Talking?

A Tough Topic

Long-time subscribers to know that I tend not to write about topics that are especially controversial. Today I am making an exception.

It’s almost three years now since my husband Peter determined that his Parkinson’s Disease had diminished his quality of life to a point where he didn’t want to live.  After consulting with me and our children and taking extra time to live with his decision, he decided to end his life by voluntarily stopping eating and drinking.

Medical aid in dying was (and is) not legal in Massachusetts and therefore he and his loved ones endured the worst eight days of our lives.  I realize that for religious and other reasons, many people object to medical aid in dying.  I honor their beliefs, but ask that they don’t impose them upon others, and so I have been hoping that my state would join the ten others (and the District of Columbia) that permit medical assistance in dying under very strict conditions and with very detailed safeguards to ensure that it is used appropriately.

I write about this today to urge everyone to think about the inevitable and to take ownership of their end-of-life while they have a choice.  I ask that 80-something readers listen to Compassion and Choices' wonderful (and short) song, This Is Your Show:


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I am whole-heartedly in your camp.
We have more compassionate choices for our four-legged-family than for our humans.
Feeling grateful that at least Vermont is an option - and will be hopeful (and active) in making that choice possible in Massachusetts.


Thank you Judy for sharing that story about your husband with refererences to C&C.

I live in Virginia and this is not legal here but I am an advocate. I always wonder how could I end my life if and when I reach a stage where the quality is gone. I wondered about what pills I could take but it never occurred to me to stop eating and drinking.

I think about this because MAID in Virginia will probably not become legal before I'm long gone.

As Mark Twain was supposed to have once said. "When the world comes to an end I want to be in Va."
When asked why?, He replied "Becauise Va is at leaset 25 years behind time". LOL.

Constance Wilkins

My situation, or almost. My husband's brain tumor meant he couldn't qualify as of clear mind, so the permit we hope for wouldn't have worked for him. I do fervently support Compassion and Choices.
Constance Wilkins, 81 this very day.

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