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I love where I live 362 days of the year.  My living room windows look over the Charles River where crews and pleasure boats pass regularly in nice weather.  I have lovely places to walk nearby.  My neighbors are congenial.

There are three days of the year, however, that don’t work for me.  Those are the three days of Memorial Day weekend when a music festival, “Boston Calling,” takes place on the Harvard athletic fields on the other side of the river. 

Fifty-two bands played this year. There are four stages with four bands going at the same time.  I cannot hear any melodies, but a constant vibration assaults my ears from 1:30 to 11:30p.m. each day. There is no escaping it without leaving town.

This year I had a look at the program, pictured above.  No surprise that I had not heard of one performer.

Have you?


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Definitely, Ed Sheeran on Friday night. I love his music! Several others are familiar, but he would be my pick to hear.

Jackie rifkin

Judy ,that's exactly how I feel when the grandkids tell me who they heard at the latest music festival! Your place sounds ideal and brings me memories of walks in Boston

Yellow Shoes

I’ve heard of three.
I’d hate to suffer noise pollution - unasked for and unbearable.
Can you plan a night or two away next year ?

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