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Twenty-one years ago, Peter and I bought a new cherry bedroom set, made in Vermont.  I still love it. 

Back then, I promised myself that I would polish it regularly, so I bought a bottle of the product recommended for its care.  It was called Formby’s Lemon Oil Furniture Treatment. 

Needless to say, I did not polish it regularly, but the other day my dresser top was looking quite pathetic, so I dug my Formby’s Furniture Treatment out of a messy cabinet of cleaning materials.  Somehow (maybe I polished more than I remember) there was very little left in the bottle, enough to do my dresser, but not much more.

I decided to buy a new bottle.  And yes, I went to Amazon which is just too easy to do.  Sure enough, they had Formby’s Furniture Treatment, in the same sized bottle, but with a price of $199.99.  Surely, a mistake I thought.  I looked elsewhere and the price was the same.

Digging further into this, I discovered that the product isn’t produced any more.

So much for my bedroom furniture polishing project.


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I used a shampoo for years and years, but one day it wasn't on the shelf of the store where I shopped. So, I ventured over to WalMart and there it was, until it wasn't. I found it on Amazon and like you, the price was out of this world. And like you, I discovered it had been discontinued.

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