Class of '84 Reunion

Mysteries of Life

There are just some things in life I don’t get.  For example:

  1. Why do people hold their open umbrellas to the front of their bodies, thereby allowing the rain to wet their backpacks?
  2. Why does the person in front of me in the supermarket line always have an issue with his/her payment?
  3. Related, why do I always do the automated checkout in my local CVS badly enough that I must ring for help?
  4. Why do my not-so-frequent phone calls usually come when I am in the shower?
  5. And finally (for now) when did I start talking out loud to myself?


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I’m the same way with the checkout machine at CVS. It’s embarrassing. But I also see others struggling. The machine and process are not user-friendly.


LOL. I relate to the shower thing. It's almost as though there is some mystery being lurking in your space that's connected to whoever is going to call you, telling you "Call now, she's in the shower!

And as far as the CVS machines or any other tech issue is concerned, I am not embarrassed at all. As an 85-year-old I "do good" to even be in the midst of it all. :))

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