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You may not have heard of  I certainly hadn’t.  But one day I got a text from my son Jeremy that included a link to an “original song” written by a request to that website.

Apparently, you request a song in a style (folk, rock, etc) and give a couple of ideas about the subject.  Moments later, there is a song.

Here are the words to mine.  I’ll spare you the music, but it wasn’t bad.

In Cambridge town Where the stories unfold Lives a lady with tales Wise and bold Judy Kugel Known as Grammy to all With a heart of gold She'll catch you when you fall [Verse 2] Eight and six years She's seen it all Through the highs and lows She stands tall With Louise and Boris Her closest kin Together they create a world to win [Chorus] Oh Granny Grammy The queen of the scene With her Cambridge crew A true dream team Through laughter and love They light up the night Granny Grammy's spirit Forever shining bright.


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LOL I just went over there Judy. This is amazing! I have been experiencing a lot of pain lately and as a Jazz nut I just put in Jazz music and had them put in the lyrics. Below are the lyrics and the music had me dancing. :))

Walking down the street
Feeling kinda blue
Looking for a sign to tell me what to do
Lost in the chaos
Trying to find my way
Every step I take
Feels like a delay

Staring at the stars
Searching for a spark
Gotta find my fire
Gotta make my mark
Through the noise and the crowd
I'll find a beat
Gonna dance to my rhythm
Gonna feel the heat

[Verse 2]
Every day's a battle
Fighting through the pain
But I won't give up
I won't refrain

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