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For months (maybe years) there have been workmen doing some gigantic underground pipe work at a nearby corner.  The other day as I walked by, their drilling raised clouds of dust.  I put my hand over the street-side of my face and started across the intersection.

I heard a shout from one of the workers: “Why are you hiding that beautiful face?”

I took down my hand and smiled at a very handsome workman.  “Thank you,” I called out.  The message here:  Not all people find an 86-year-old invisible. 

I am smiling as I write this.


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That is so nice. What a great way to send love to someone, pass it on with a smile to the next person you walk by

Yellow Shoes

Recently I was accosted by a young TV crew as I ran for a train in my city.
The young man asked me "What do you like about yourself ?"
Without thinking I replied - "My face!"
Contentment with one's own body is a blessing of old age!


I’m smiling as I read your story. Thank you for sharing. Happy Mother’s Day.

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