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Class of '84 Reunion

When I retired from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in 2013 after 33 amazing years, it was a huge adjustment, but although I have stayed in touch with some of my former colleagues, I have (of course) moved on. 

Still, I was delighted when a member of the graduating class of 1984 asked me to join her and 40 of her classmates for lunch during their 40th reunion last week.

I was a bit apprehensive.  Would I recognize any of the attendees?  Would people remember me? 

Yes and yes.  Once I saw their name tags, I could immediately picture them as they looked decades ago.  Yes, some gray hair, and some other signs that they are no longer twenty-something, but they have the same dedication to making the world a better place and there is some evidence that they have done so.  People kindly said that I looked the same, and they recounted ways I had been helpful to them. 

I had a fabulous time. I’m hoping to join them for their 45th.



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Kate Hughes

What a lovely activity! It was so nice that you were able to enjoy seeing them again. We missed many special events as a result of the pandemic and now I feel many of us are out of practice.
Here's hoping there will be more celebrations ahead.

Becky in California

That is so lovely, Judy! You must have made a big impact on all those lives for the class to have remembered you all these many years later. Plus of course there were so many other classes over the years!

I can remember when you retired, like it was yesterday. Apparently I've been reading you longer than I realized!

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