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A Visit from Seth's Namer

Fifty-four years ago, I asked my then-office-mate to help me think about names for our soon-to-be-born first child, sex unknown.  I can’t recall the female names on the list, but I loved one of her suggestions should our first born be a male.

“Seth” sounded strong, probably couldn’t have a silly nickname, seemed New England-y and became our choice should we have a son. (Which we did.)

My office-mate moved to Maine, married and had a family, subsequently moved to Arizona and now lives in Minneapolis.  Over the years, I had seen her only once when she was in town. Recently, coming “home” to visit her brother, we made a date for her to come for coffee.

We gabbed non-stop until she had to leave to catch her plane.  It was pure fun.

And I still love the name of our first-born.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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