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As one of a fast-disappearing-read-the-paper-as-a-newspaper holdouts, I can’t help but notice the skinny-ness of my daily paper delivery.  I believe that the decline in size is due primarily to advertisers having moved online, and I see enough ads online to back up that claim. 

However, since my morning coffee ritual requires a newspaper, I carry on.

I know that newspapers thrive on disquieting news.  But right now, there is a bit too much that is worrisome.  So, I find myself reading faster and reading less.  I know there is good news out there.

It just doesn't sell newspapers.


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Yellow Shoes

I don't read newspapers in paper form, only online.
However that may be due to my hatred of clutter.
I get a weekly TV guide through the post and that builds up into a pile in no time!

Irwin Lengel

So true, so true about news only being "doom and gloom" or other non-essential stuff.


AMEN to that! I also need my copy of the Globe in my hands , or so I thought but after skipping page after page because of the photos of death and destruction all over the world I just could ‘t take it any more so I converted to digital Globe and now I just click metro,opinion, sports,art,world,
And on Wednesdays the food colunm.
I do not keep my head in the sand but closeup photos of innocent children with blood stained clothes and fear in their eyes hurts me too much and the hopelessness I feel stays with me.


We sit here on Sunday morning surrounded by a real newspaper and 2 others on line for later today. I cringe when I see how much we are paying for our newspapers but it is a ritual I do not want to change.

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