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Tea at my place with two friends, always a delight.  And on a gloomy day, even better.  Especially lovely that we could agree on a time to meet because it’s so hard to coordinate our schedules. 

Normally when we get together, we try to solve the world’s problems.  But this time, we just gabbed, perhaps because we don’t have the solution to today’s world problems.

When they left, I felt a little sad, knowing that they were going home to husbands who would ask them about their day.

Missing Peter never goes away…


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Lynn McClain

My husband died seven years ago from metastatic prostate cancer. His last hospital stay was for kidney failure and when I came to take him home he was crying and asked to never go back to the hospital. Our children helped me care for him in home hospice so his wish was granted. I've never stoped missing him. We met in college at 19 and were married three months later. He was an Air Force colonel, a man of principle and honor and he was my everything. I still long for him and shed tears daily. I'm 80 and my girlfriends have all passed so loneliness is a constant in my life. Like your Peter my John was interested in my days and that leaves such a void.

One last comment - I love your new profile photo. You look beautiful.

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