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An 80-something reader asked me to write about what I eat to stay healthy.  Well, what I eat has changed dramatically since my red-meat-loving husband Peter passed away.

To begin with, I can bring avocados (which he hated) into the house, a healthy and delicious addition to my diet.  For protein, it’s usually fish or chicken, with a variety of beans in the cupboard when I need a change.  I eat walnuts by the handful; I hear they are very good for our guts.  Because I can’t eat gluten and gluten-free bread products are, shall we say, less good, I tend to eat a salad for lunch with peppers, carrots, tomatoes and humus taking the starring roles.

Of course, there is my much written-about love for irresistible Trader Joe’s premium coffee ice cream.

Nobody’s perfect.


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Becky in California

Thanks for sharing, Judy! Sounds like a very healthy and delicious eating plan.

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