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A Simple Walk

It’s a walk I do frequently—this time I was out of cash and headed for my bank branch.  I passed an older woman going the other way.  Seconds later, I heard “Judy?”  Turns out this woman remembered me from the learning in retirement organization I belonged to for several years.  In fact, she really knew Peter much better.  She reminded me of what a star teacher he had been and how much she had enjoyed classes with him.  That brief encounter was a happy one, and at the same time, sad.

Minutes later I saw a familiar face—a young man walking in the opposite direction.  He said, “Hi Judy.”  Embarrassed I told him he looked familiar, but I couldn’t place him.  Sure enough, he was a teaching assistant in the undergraduate class that I loved auditing last semester. 

Two random events—they made my day.


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Jackie Rifkin in Arizona

It is these random moments that are so precious. And often we may have forgotten their names but can appreciate being remembered.
I love hearing that you are getting cash, it seems that many people never have cash anymore but you can depend on us "older" women to come up with when needed.

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