Optimizing Life Expectancy (Maybe)
The Soft Skills Comeback


I’m not sure what prompted me to attend a performance of the Harvard Glee Club on a recent Friday night.  Even less sure about why a friend agreed to go with me.

We joined an enthusiastic audience of fellow students and parents and siblings of the performers. 

The chorus members (mostly male) were decked out in navy blazers, khaki trousers and crimson ties, clearly not their daily attire.  They had just returned from a three-week tour of Europe, and they seem to have had a marvelous time.

I couldn’t tell you what they sang, but it was all good.  I was struck by the following: one, all the fun they were having, two, how the pieces were each conducted by one of the chorus members, and three what full heads of hair young men have!

Note to self:  Watch calendar for next performance.


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