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Banana Shock

I spread my grocery shopping out in the following way:  Produce and meat: mostly Whole Foods.  Canned goods and household staples:  big grocery chain, usually Star Market.   Quirky stuff, and wonderfully affordable cut flowers Trader Joe’s. 

This can vary, depending on where I am when the grocery list demands my attention.

As a confirmed banana-a-day consumer, Trader Joe’s 19-cent-a-piece bananas (no matter what they weigh) have been a staple purchase by this health-conscious eater for as long as I can remember.  As prices of everything rose, I thought this 19-cent “loss-leader” would forever be a lure to TJ’s shoppers.

Alas, the other day the 19-cent banana had disappeared, to be replaced by the  24-cent banana.

I mentioned this change to the check-out cashier.  He was sympathetic.  He said that they had kept the 19-cent price for 20 years or so.

Since the ability to adapt to change is important to me,

I’ll manage.


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Yellow Shoes

Bananas in the UK are usually 34 cents each but they do have to travel further.

Becky in California

Since you're talking about food today, Judy, would you be willing sometime to talk about what your diet is like? I'm so inspired by your health, vitality and mental sharpness. Part of it is exercise, I'm sure, but would be very interested in what kinds of things you regularly eat to stay healthy (including what you like to splurge on, other than coffee ice cream!)

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