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1700 and Counting

This is my 1700th blog post.  When I embarked on this journey at age 69, it never occurred to me that I would still be publishing my random thoughts on just about anything at 86.  Even more remarkable is that so many loyal readers still are with me, and others still sign on.

Life is so different now.  Back then, I was still deeply into my work.  Peter and I were enjoying an empty nest, grateful that our children were launched.  Now, a widow for more than two years, I’ve had to make the best of a life without the man of my dreams.  I’ve learned that one never gets over a loss, but it is possible to carry on and be grateful.

And carry on is what I do.  Thanks for joining me.


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Deborah Pepe

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a ‘reunion’ of your followers? Those of us who are also ‘carrying on’? You are such a wonderful constant in our lives. 😘 Deb Pepe

Becky in California

Thanks to YOU, Judy. I am so grateful for you. Right now I am the age (69) that you were when you started your blog, and you are truly such an inspiration and wonder to me. I sometimes feel that I'm too old to travel or to even get out into my town as much, and then I think of you, and it motivates me to continue to expand what i think I am capable of doing. Congratulations on a very successful blog, and what a wonderful legacy it is for your family, as well as all your readers!


And you carry on nicely Judy. Keep on carrying on girl and thank you for sharing.

Paul Albert

Congratulations Judy 1700 times!! A remarkable achievement and so helpful...

Charlene Volpert

I am not so far behind you. I heard about the bog when in my late 60s and thought I could use help navigating the 70s Now you are helping me with a much more challenging decade with such grace and courage. I admire so much about you. Thank you for sharing your inspiring life and dragging us along. Much love to you.

maureen jones

Love your blog Judy! Congrats on 1700th blog! Your words are always helpful to me. Thanks from a recently turned 80 year old which I cannot believe. I do not feel old yet! I’m a caregiver for my husband which is challenging. I appreciate you. 🥰


Thank you Judy for your insights, anecdotes, and musings. I look forward to your reflections on life and stories about your family. Time flies.

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