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Forgetting Regretting


What do you picture when you hear a person referred to as sprightly?  When someone refers to you as sprightly, are you pleased?

When I hear sprightly, I picture an elf-like old lady, who although being energetic and in good health, probably isn’t expected to be around much longer.  Definitely not me, or so I thought.

Until last fall.

First, my very own son, after hosting me in Brazil last October, and watching me negotiate hilly cobble-stone streets, and troop through beautiful botanical gardens in grueling heat “complimented” me on my “sprightly-ness”.

And recently when a technician approached to help me get off the table after an Xray for some chronic hip pain and saw me already up on my own two feet, she commented on my feistyness.

Maybe sprightly isn’t such a bad word after all.


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How about being called sweet or adorable? Believe me I am not sweet nor have I ever been sweet or adorable for that matter!
Just because I seemed to have shrunk to 5Ft and maybe because I like my hair in an old fashioned pixie
I am an adult in my 80's not some little girl THAT REALLY IS A SWEETIE


Please keep us informed of the hip issue. I’m off to see an orthopedic physical therapist this morning. My recent x-ray showed moderate to severe arthritic degeneration in my hips. Sleeping is the worst pain. They keep mentioning this is due to “wear and tear.” Not sure how I feel about that term. They also tell me how exercise is very important for arthritis….but I think the wear and tear came from my lifelong love for exercise.

Becky in California

I think of energetic and active, with a good humor and enthusiasm. Definitely a compliment!

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