Forgetting Regretting

Optimizing Life Expectancy (Maybe)

Here are three things that can optimize our life expectancy: 1) Healthy eating, 2) Regular exercise, 3) Sleeping seven or more hours per night.

I’m all set with 1) and 2).  3) is my challenge.

Here are some sleep help ideas from The Washington Post’s “Try This.” 

  1. Schedule your worry time before bedtime.  Think about what you can do about your worries in the next two weeks and make a schedule for the action you might take.
  2. First thing in the morning (if needed) ask yourself “What am I scared about today? What am I sad about?  Be present to your feelings early in the day and then move on.
  3. When awake in the middle of the night: Listen to a long, pleasant novel or a travelog.  (If read in a British accent, that would be best.) Or you can always watch old “Friends” episodes.
  4. Set parameters for when you go to bed and get up and keep to them.
  5. No napping allowed.

Good luck!



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I absolutely love my books on Audible for sleepless nights. Right now I’m listening to The Song of the Cell by Siddhartha Mukhergee.

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