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I am about to lambast “old-old, ” a term used to describe anyone alive at age 85 or older. That includes me. But what does old-old mean?

Actually, what does just plain “old” mean?  Are we as old as we feel?  If that’s true, my “oldness” changes like the weather.  When I am walking to the subway, bundled up from head to toe and observe others hatless with open jackets, I don’t feel so youthful.  But when I climb the stairs in my apartment building without puffing, I feel quite fit and young.

To me, “old” is the (formerly) chic, chocolate-brown suede bomber jacket that has hung unworn in my closet since I retired, and, sometimes,  “old” is the woman looking back at me from the mirror.

Would I like to be age 30 again?  No way.

But 75 sounds good.


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OH Baby!! I am in my late eighties ( Irish enough not to admit my actual age) and I feel 45 and not a year older, yes my wrinkles give me away but my heart and soul says loudly 45 and that is how I live my life. I have no problems walking 3-4 miles and hiking reading without glasses (except when my eyes get tired after an hour,then I have my throw away glasses)
Boston Irish Catholic and proud of it🥰
PS lent is coming up and I have to admit that I use my age as a crutch to not have to fast but don't tell anybody!!!


Thank you for this! I agree about the old-old category! I didn't retire as a professor until I was 87 and I never felt like one of the "old-old!" I have to say that I hate retirement. Someone needs to come up with another category for those of us who are chronologically gifted! If you were also a teacher, I hope you and I were both able to get across to students that they don't need to fear the years!

Paul Albert

Decades ago someone told me "Old is ten years older than you."
And, in fact. now being 84 and living in a retirement community with ages ranging from late 60's to over 100 I find myself thinking of old as 95 and young as 75.

Rachel Eggleston

My father had a saying that I know is true ... Life begins at 40 and middle age begins at 80, which make me just about 2!!!!

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