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The U.S, is an Outlier

A new year, a new start, so probably not the best time for the news about U.S. life expectancy falling further behind peer countries.  But according to a recent Washington Post article, An Epidemic of Chronic Illness is Killing Us Too Soon, the U.S. continues to fall behind in life expectancy.  In 2023, the U.S. was ranked #47 in a list of 201 countries with a life expectancy of 79.74 years. (Hong Kong was first with 85.83.)

We’ve bounced back a bit since the Covid pandemic took so many lives, but we are still behind.  What’s so troubling, according to The Post article, is that younger people are dying of diseases that used to strike at a later age.

Of course, there is good news about medical breakthroughs, including the swift development of Covid vaccines.

Let’s hope for more in ’24.

P.S.  for those who want the last three days of The New York Times' six-day energy challenge:  Day 4:  Make a list of close friends and prioritize those who energize you. Day 5: Think of what gets you in your "flow" and block out 15 minutes every day to do that--maybe work on a language or read a story.  Day 6: Try "monotasking."  Concentrate on one thing at a time. 

Lots of luck!


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Jackie rifkin

The NYT challenge sounds great. I am sure that you know about the Blue Zone project. Dan Buettner explored those areas of the world where people live long productive lives. There is a Netflix documentary about this and now 85 cities in the US are taking steps to become Blue Zones. I'm now a volunteer in Scottsdale AZ and we will have a big event next week, with a focus on healthy foods, movement, social involvement, and community focus on health.

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