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Going Solo

Last fall, I did not renew my subscription to the local theater series that Peter and I had attended for years.  I’m not sure why.

When I heard the rave reviews about this season’s latest production, I thought perhaps I had made a mistake, sort of a FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling.  I decided to see if there were any last minute seats available, and I found a single ticket for a just-about-sold-out matinee.

The play, “Real Women Have Curves,” was marvelous. It’s probably headed for Broadway. 

Intermission was lonely, but I got over it.


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Your last sentence got me!!!
It really said it all. I have friends that I am thankful for, but there are certain things and places that my husband and I really enjoyed together that my friends don't care for and I am not brave enough to enjoy them by myself. That sentence gave me the confidence to get out and go to these events on my on, SO HERE I GO BUYING A TICKET TO THE NEXT EVENT I SEE THAT I WOULD ENJOY.
Thank you Judy,


Good for you. I’ve been to movies, restaurants, museums alone and never regretted it.

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