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A Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of the (formerly) 70 (now) 80-something blog.  No one is more surprised that I am that it (and I) are still going 1680 posts later. 

I began to write to process my growing older, and it gives me enormous pleasure that so many of you have joined me in my journey.

Not sure that there will be a 90-something blog, but who knows?

Stay tuned.


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Yes, Who knows
I will stay tuned
Thank you

Sonja Cantu

Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog! I only discovered you this year following your story in the Boston Globe. I have enjoyed reading your stories about aging but also family, life and just making the most of living. You are an inspiration and I hope you keep going!
I too live in Cambridge and enjoy hearing about your local interests, which tend to be similar to my own.
So, pop a bottle of champagne or some other treat and celebrate that you bring joy and delight to others!

Pat Gibson

Congratulations! I hope you keep on going. I so enjoy every post and look forward to them❤️

Becky in California

Happy blog anniversary, Judy! I will continue to thoroughly enjoy your content for however long you continue to feel like writing. It's a lovely blend of topics you write about, and your ongoing mental and physical prowess continue to inspire this 69-year old who isn't nearly as physically fit as you are. Working on it, though! I hope you have some coffee ice cream to celebrate with this evening!

Paul Albert

Congratulations Judy. I get so much from your writing. Thank you!

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