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Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

I have been faithfully auditing an undergraduate course at Harvard called “Loss”.  It’s about all kinds of loss—loss of a home, loss of a loved one, a country, a beloved animal, a war and more.  It is brilliantly taught by a classicist on the faculty.

Thursday’s class was about the Vietnam Memorial, built in Washington, DC to honor those Americans whose lives were lost, despite the war itself having been so controversial. No student in the class was alive during the war, but all engaged in the conversation. 

The professor played a YouTube recording of Peter, Paul and Mary singing “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

It's not the first time that class has brought tears to my eyes.


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Anita Jenkins

Beautiful post. So interesting that what we elders think of as "life" is history for most of the population.

Susan in Berlin

One does not have to be very old for this effect to take place. I'm not quite fifty yet but I was born in East Germany, and to a lot of young people, that's about as recent as the Wars of the Roses.

And sometimes I mourn that country, even though I would not want it back. A category of loss all by itself.

Christine Dall

How does one audit a class at Harvard? When I look this up on Google it seems one has to have some kind of connection to H to do this? Thanks1

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