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Wrapping Up November

How can this be the last day of November?  And how can there only be two more meetings of the wonderful class I am taking this semester?

Except for Thanksgiving, November is about equal to January as my least favorite month.  It seems to get dark right after lunch.   The leaves are pretty much gone, so I can see the traffic on the other side of the Charles River, usually hidden by a “forest”.  I am barraged by ads to save tons of money on things I don’t need, but just might like.

I had a great week away for Thanksgiving, loving every moment with the next two generations.  I delighted in their nuttiness—like going to see the late show of “Thanksgiving,” a horror movie actually produced by a high school friend.  And my two sons hiking in the state forest during hunting season without wearing orange.  Fun?!!  Lots of laughs and little talk about the sad state of the world and appointments with doctors. All good.

But it’s nice to be home in my sunny apartment and to catch up with my neighbors. Although I don’t like November so much, I plan to stick around for more of them.


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Becky in California

"It seems to get dark right after lunch." My sentiments exactly! That made me laugh.

I'm so glad you got to spend Thanksgiving week with your dear ones. ❤️

Susan in Berlin

John and I always disagree about our least favourite months. To him, it's February, because it's usually grey and wet and dark and his capacity to cope with that has been exhausted, unlike in November. To me, it's November, because it's usually grey and wet and dark and I know there'll be months more of that, while in February, it's possible to hope for spring.

This year, I rather enjoyed November, however -- while the beginning was very wet, it wasn't grey, and inbetween the rain it was possible to putter around in the garden. And the end was surprisingly cold, with blue skies and sun and snow! February is going to have to work hard to compete this time around. :)

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