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Thanksgiving 2023

Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday forever, comes around faster every year.  And each year, I am grateful to be here and to be able to celebrate with my loved ones.  But it’s also a time when the absence of Peter seems to make me sadder than at any other time of the year.  Thanksgiving was a BIG DEAL for us, and this will be the third one without him.  Seth does a great job as turkey-master-carver, and I imagine Peter looking over his shoulder, giving him instructions.  That helps.

And the Thanksgiving meal is beautifully orchestrated by Katrina (with Jeremy’s help and the help of their amazing boys). 

Once more we will all submit our slips of paper expressing our gratitude, to be read between dinner and dessert.  Like in past years, I hope there will be contributions from Peter, as delivered via Seth.

In this difficult world, we have many worries.  On Thanksgiving, we take time to celebrate the positive. 

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Happy Thanksgiving Judy. I am thankful for your column. I enjoy reading your reflections on growing older, life, death, and everyday happenings. You have a gift of writing about small and meaningful moments. They always make me pause and reflect on my life.
Thank you.


I have read your Thanksgiving 2023 post a few times now and, each time, I feel such a connection to your sentiment about being sadder now than at other times during the year. I lost my husband about the same time you did and his birthday falls at Thanksgiving - an added sadness. Your column always gives me pause, makes me laugh or, alternately, cry.... but I love how you express the human commonalities we all face in life, especially later in life. Thank you!

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