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I have walked through Harvard Yard countless times in my blessedly long life.  Both as an employee of Harvard for thirty-three years and as a Cambridge resident for decades, I have had countless reasons to walk through those “hallowed” grounds.

But on a rainy, cold November morning, as I walked to the nine o’clock class I am auditing, the gate I normally go through to get into Harvard Yard was locked.  Late, as usual, I had to hustle to a more central gate where I was stopped by security and asked for my Harvard I.D.

Earlier that week, I had walked to class through my usual gate and by a peaceful demonstration on the steps of Widener library, a reading of the names and ages of Palestinians who have perished in the war thus far. 

Two days later, I found closed gates and tightened security.  I have no idea if there had been threats of violence or it was just cautionary.

Either way, it’s so, so sad.


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I shocked by " a peaceful demonstration reading the names and ages of Palestinians perished in the war " , as far as I am from Israel my feelings are obvious. We are trying to go on , not showing the children the hell we are in

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