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I find myself having sad moments just about every day even though it is two years since I lost Peter.  However…there are one or two things in my life that are better. I get the front page of the newspaper every morning AND I can buy avocados.

Since 2000 avocados have been mainstream, but not in my house.  Peter found them inedible, and I didn’t buy them.  One measure of their increasing popularity is that in 2018 over 2.4 million social media posts were avocado-related.  And in 2021, 3,220 million lbs. were sold (according to Statistica).

And now they are a staple on my grocery list.  It did take a while for me to figure out the perfect moment to refrigerate them.  Now, my almost-daily salad never lacks a half of one of those delicious delicacies.

In these troubled times, an avocado can make one's day.


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I understand your avocado story, it makes me laugh! My avocado is the tv remote!!! My husband passed 5 yrs ago and until the day he died he owned the remote. Don would spend hours switching channels which led me into our craft room before I screamed. Don was a wonderful man,father,husband and friend BUT THAT REMOTE. It's funny but now that I have the tv to myself I very seldom turn it on (nothing but swearing,sexual innuendos etc) I can turn on my music as loud as I want andI don't have to be in my craft room either..


So coincidental! Just yesterday friends and I were discussing how none of us knew what an avocado 🥑 was when we were young…we are all born in the 50s and 60s.

Kate Hughes

As a child I had to sit at the dinner table for hours because I was too stubborn to eat foods I didn't like. Years later I found out that there were foods we never had at home because my father didn't like them.
I'm sure we can all see the obvious unfairness in that.

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