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Can You Hear Me Now?


I have a love/hate relationship with my hearing aids.  Mostly hate. 

Let me say at the outset that I do hear better with them.  But we got off to a rocky start.  One of my ear canals is mis-shaped (who knew?) and that required all kinds of adjustments – so I had to plan extra preparation time if I had an appointment because it took me so long to get the hearing aid in my ear correctly.  And sometimes I just gave up.

However, after three-plus years, I’ve finally got it down to a science.  Even though I can pretend I am wearing those white ear buds that adorn most ears out in the world, I still would prefer not to wear them.

And I’m not alone.  The father of one of my children’s friends absolutely refuses to wear his hearing aids, and his son has accepted the reality that he must shout to be understood.

That father might want to reconsider, according to a recent article in The Boston Globe that says that those who need hearing aids and don’t use them increase their risk of dementia.  See:  https://tinyurl.com/26vwne8a

The somewhat prohibitive costs are coming down with the availability of over-the-counter hearing aids.

Can you hear me?


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Yellow Shoes

Both my parents ended up being severely deaf so I'm holding my breath.
Thankfully at 75 I can still hear a gnat cough in the next street.

Jeanne Cronin

I hear you! I got hearing aids after I discovered I’d been doing a lot of lip reading. Once people started wearing masks I was lost! I found them ultimately to be a god send. They do take awhile to get used to. One benefit not many speak about is you can turn the volume down when things get too noisy. I do this on airplanes and at restaurants. The good ones are very expensive but help is on the way with OTC aids on the market. My Dad had hearing aids for years. They were only put in to hear Peter Jennings and the news.

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