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Why Am I Happy?

I’ve written before about the U-curve of Happiness, the theory that we’re happier in our later years than we were at middle-age.  I was darn happy in my middle-age as far as I can recall.  And back then, I didn’t anticipate being this old AND happy.

However, of late, I am surprised about how my mood is upbeat (usually) and that despite all the troubles in the world and our country, I’m feeling positive most of the time.

I do miss my work.  I miss having only one doctor appointment a year. I miss getting lost in France on my bicycle.  Most of all, I miss Peter.  

But those are all rich memories, no longer available.  So I try to focus on what I DO have and what I CAN do. 

And that’s quite a lot.


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Yes indeed ! You are describing my thoughts exactly, I sometimes wonder if the reason I am happy with my life now that I am 86 is because I am becoming senile and then I think ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
I am happy because I have a good life with plenty of memories to make me smile and a wonderful family
That love me ( altho they sometimes drive me crazy with all there advice of what I should do and not do) I have a good optimistic attitude and when I DO get down in the dumps my memories make me smile again. Life is good whatever the age if only you let it

Sonja Cantu

I have enjoyed reading your column since discovering you from the Globe magazine story. I look forward to reading your thoughts each week as they are often a reminder to take time to notice the small things in life. I’m 20 years younger than and appreciate all the life lessons you bestow on the reader. Keep it up and know that you are appreciated z

Becky in California

I agree! And one of the things that brings me happiness is reading your blog twice a week, so thank you! : )

Sophie shemer

And it is the reason we love you . Stay well


How wonderful to read that while you miss Peter, you nonetheless mostly feel happy. I lost the love of my life in February, and want to get there, too, but as of now am awash in memories and yearnings that flatten me daily. How often do you think of Peter now?

Beverly Beattie

When I get discouraged that at 87 years old I should accept the fact I’m old, your column comes to mind. You are truly an inspiration to me. I found you in the Boston Globe. Thank you.

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