Old Friends (Literally)
Why Am I Happy?

Visit to Maryland

It feels like it can’t be easy being young these days.  Somehow, our worsening climate, our divided country, our not-prompt-response to Covid etc. do not seem to bode well for the future. But this might just be old-person-talk.  Because after spending a weekend with my junior in high school grandchild and his parents in Maryland, I feel a little more hopeful.

Hanging out with the next two generations is refreshing.  We did not discuss doctors’ appointments. In fact, I don’t remember anything we discussed.  I do remember that we laughed a lot.  I do remember sitting in the blazing sun watching #11, aka my grandson, do a great job as the kicker in his high school’s football game (despite a hard loss) while his father who somehow got a press pass walked the side-lines taking endless photos.

During the summer #11 had gone on a Y-camp service trip to Japan, and he showed me a slideshow about his trip.  He paused at a slide of a little shop, walked across the room and came back with a wrapped present from that very shop for his astonished grandmother. 

I managed not to cry.


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Sounds like a great trip! So glad you enjoyed it. I’m visiting with my two 80 something brothers soon. I’m 10 years younger. There will definitely be talks about doctor’s’ appointments, unfortunately.

Yellow Shoes

You've got a lovely thoughtful family and there's a reason they are.

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