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De-accessing has been my mantra of late.  Why do I have so many THINGS?  Do I really need a yellowed copy of every newspaper article I’ve ever published?  Do I seriously think my grandchildren will want to read them?  Does it feel good when I de-access some “thing” or piece of clothing that has gone untouched or unappreciated for years?  Absolutely.

But things happen.  On a recent visit to Williamstown in western Massachusetts, my friend wanted to show me her favorite new shop—a wonderful collection of things all made in Africa.  There was nothing in there that I didn’t like.  I managed to wander around the shop for at least ten minutes without spending anything.  Then my friend admired a charming vase, and I couldn’t resist buying it for her as a gift.  (“To give is better than to receive.)  I don’t know which one of us was more pleased.  But then I caved in and bought the same thing for me.

So much for de-accessing.  But it was irresistible. 

See above.


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Anita Jenkins

Great post. Such insight into the struggles we seniors have with what the Swedes call death cleaning.

Lisa LeVine

Thanks for the post!

Not so fast on throwing things out like your articles. If you don’t want to put them in a scrap book, might I suggest making a photo book of them. You just take a picture of each article and use a company called Shutterfly to create a book online. Same goes for grandchildren’s projects - take a photo of each and create a book. Then you don’t feel so bad letting those things go.

Becky in California

It's so charming! Easy to see why you couldn't resist it!

Just as an aside, though, if I were your grandchildren, or even if I wasn't your grandchild, I would definitely want the collection of articles you had published. Even things you can't imagine them being interested in now will take on a whole new level of fascination in future years, as they grow older themselves.


What a cute vase! I think I would have purchased it, too!

I hope you won’t throw out your articles. My daddy’s side of the family were very creative people. They loved reading and writing and painting. I am so thankful many of their stories were recorded and handed down throughout the generations. The ones I treasure most were written by my great-great aunt and a second cousin. I just know someone in your family will treasure yours as well.

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