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My New Fridge

I know.  It doesn’t sound exciting.  But my new refrigerator has improved my life.  This could only be so if the old refrigerator was really bad.

It was.

The old refrigerator did keep things cool.  However, one of the produce drawers didn’t open.  The other had to be treated delicately or it didn’t open either.  The white exterior was stained.  The refrigerator didn’t fit in its allotted space, so it stuck out beyond the cabinets.  Worst of all, even without my hearing aids in, it sounded like a jet plane taking off every time it cycled on. Oh, and did I mention that the freezer was like a deep hole?  No shelves, no dividers.  Finding anything that wasn’t last “in” was a nightmare.

My new refrigerator purrs like a kitten when it is running.  All drawers open and close.  The freezer has separate compartments.  It fits in the space.

I didn’t go for all the bells and whistles—there is no icemaker, and I can’t get a glass of cold water without opening the door.

It functions.  That works for me.


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I decided that no matter how old I am and how long I am going to use it we should go shopping, and get new household stuff , it obviously better and more convenient then old and new closing and shoes , helps everyday life look nicer. Congrats on your new fridge , enjoy .

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