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Fear of Falling

Let’s face it.  One of the biggest concerns about our aging bodies is how hard it is to keep them upright.  The statistics about falling are frightening, and I am reminded once again of the emergency room doctor who told me I probably wouldn’t be alive in a year after a fall I had more than 15 years ago. Obviously, he didn’t know me well.

However, I have slowed my pace when walking, and I try to always look a few yards out in front of me to be sure there aren’t unexpected bumps in the road (so-to-speak).  Also, of late, I walk more slowly. 

There is a walking stick awaiting me in the hall closet.  I am reluctant to use it.  Here I should interject something about “pride goeth before a fall,” but I don’t want to jinx myself.

Or you.


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I’m 70 something and fell one day last week. Stupidly I didn’t put the outside light on when I walked out of my house at 5:30 a.m., and it was pouring rain as well. I missed the last step, possibly two. I was really lucky not to break anything.


Pride before a Fall and Vanity vanity, two things that make me say to myself...Better safe than sorry!! Anyway, once upon a time we had to learn to crawl, walk, run, skip, jump, dance,skate, ride a horse, bike, motorcycle, and numerous other things. Today, I'm just thankful I can put one foot in front of the other. Stay Safe and enjoy what you like to do.

Ellen Hoffmann

I love my walking stick.

Another rule is to hold the railing on stairs.

Yellow Shoes

I agree with Ellen; always leave one hand free when walking downstairs and use that free hand to hold onto a handrail.
I was told to walk by putting my heel down first - after a series of undignified tumbles.


I have been strongly thinking about using a walking stick for about a year now,I am an80 something and very healthy so as I am thinking about carrying one (just thinking mind you!) I fell while walking in woods and tore my tendon. My vanity stepped in and told me that I would really look old and decrepit and people would stop and offer assistance(my worse fear)
So here I am without a cane
PS still thinking tho

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