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From time to time, I miss products that used to be part of my everyday life.  For example, there was a store-bought-cookie that Peter and I loved.  It was about the size of a 50-cent piece, (remember those?) covered with cinnamon and powdered sugar, The cookies bounced around in a sealed white paper bag, sugar-coating our fingers as we dug in.

Because the name of the brand escaped me, I spent way-too-much time Googling "out-of-production cookies," and although I found things like Red Velvet Oreos, I failed to find the cookie we loved.

I do recall Peter's complaining on several occasions that we are out of synch with the world because things we like seem to fail the “stickiness” test.

It’s been a while since I have felt the need to complain that products were better in the olden days.  Then last week, I got a serious cold.  I went through a box of tissues in record time.  And this is the question it raised for me:

Whatever happened to two-ply Kleenex?


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Richard McNally

God sneezed too hard and blew the entire global out the window. But I don’t hold it against God. That attitude does not pay.

Carol Fellini

Yes I totally agree with you about the Kleenex complaint SO I went to Puffs tissues ahh so soft AND STRONG

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