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Wiser Than Me

Unless you were living under a rock from 1989 until 1998, you know about a TV series called “Seinfeld”. You probably watched it.  

Nielsen Reports tells us that the show is still popular, although more than 40% of those watching now were not born when it originally aired.

But like the rest of us, the stars have grown older.  Now, at age 62 Julia Louis-Dreyfus, better known as “Elaine” has a podcast called Wiser Than Me.  And upon the recommendation of my son Seth, I listened to it.

I recommend Louis-Dreyfus' interview with Isabel Allende, Chilean-born author of dozens of books, perhaps the best known being The House of the Spirits. She shares her wisdom about life at 80 in a charming way. She tells us that the only person she has to please is herself.  I like that.  She also reports that she and her current husband have a robust sex life, the success of which she attributes to cocoa-dusted blueberries infused with marijuana.

Sounds good to me.


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Becky in California

Thanks for the recommendation! I have a great respect for both of those women.

Deborah Pepe

Wonderful podcast! I started with the first one with Jane Fonda, and I am working my way through. What a find. Highly recommended. Thank you!


Love Isabele Allendes books!

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