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Mother's Day

Everyone has/had a mother.  But not every woman wants to be a mother.  And I think that the choice to be a mother resides in the body of the person who will bear the child. Others disagree, and this is not a blog post about that issue.

What I can say without reservation is that being a mother may be my favorite thing (most of the time, anyway). My boys are good people.  For that, I don’t take credit. (I also don’t take blame.) I love seeing Peter’s great sense of humor (and Peter would add his good looks) live on in our children.  I love that they are responsible citizens.  They vote.  They volunteer.  They are grateful.

I suspect that I will hear from them today and that they will thank me for being a good mother.  I want to thank them for making that possible.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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Great column in the Globe today! I'm waiting to hear from my (adopted) son who wants to come and cook me dinner today. We'll see how that goes, he has challenges in being reliable and organized, but *is* a good cook. I fully expect to get a call at 3pm ("dinner" for our family means noon to 1pm) saying, "Mom, can you come pick me up at the T" LOL. But the lilacs are blooming, the brush fire smoke is blowing the other way, and the sun is shining, so it'll be a great day anyway.


Such a great post and you have a wonderful Mothers Day!

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