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Into Every Life, Some Rain Must Fall

Into Every Life, Some Rain Must Fall

How true. And into my life, my son Seth’s diagnosis of a pituitary adenoma was a downpour. In simple terms, his pituitary gland was producing too much growth hormone causing his hands, feet and facial features to enlarge.  A rare condition, it requires a highly skilled neurosurgeon to remove the growth because the gland is dangerously close to the brain.

No one wants her child’s brain cavity poked around in, so my anxiety level was high. Of course, Seth was pleased to have an explanation for the odd things going on. He even arranged with the doctors and the hospital to video the surgery so that he could a) see it and b) share it with his Amigo Gringo Youtube fans.  (Don’t ask me why.)

Anyhow, the surgery is over. and the recovery has begun.  Each day, light and noise become less unbearable.  It’s a relatively long recovery (especially for his mother).

I can’t resist saying that after a little rainfall, the son shines.


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