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Hope for Mozart

Our journalist son Seth once referred to his mother and father in print as “classical-music-loving parents”.  He was right then, and he would be right now.  That doesn’t mean I can’t bear to listen to other music. I just have my preferences.

According to NewYork Times columnist, Maureen Dowd, “it seems like classical music is getting hotter.”  And the general manager of New York’s Metropolitan Opera reports that the average age of its audience used to be in the 60’s, and now it is in the 40’s.

This is good news.

But in my classical music concert-going this year, gray hair still predominated. And Gillette Stadium’s 65,878 seats for each of Taylor Swift’s recent three sold-out concerts seemed to have a pretty young crowd, reportedly 78% of which were in the 18-34 age group.

Yet, it warms my heart that those hard-working, long studying classical musicians are seeing a new generation in the audience.

Mozart would be pleased.


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jackie in Arizona

What I do find rather disturbing is the appeal of Swift to the tweens, when she came to Arizona I saw many very young girls, dressed like her, going to the show with their moms. And families paying sometimes $2000 a ticket for this. I guess that we can consider it an "event" rather than a concert.

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