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Harry Belafonte

Arugula Crisis

I am a woman of habit.  I habitually have a salad for lunch.  (Sandwiches left my larder when I had to ban gluten from my diet.)  I do vary the ingredients of my salad, but arugula is always one of them, usually accompanied by kale and/or romaine lettuce. 

But the last two times I looked for arugula at Trader Joe’s, they were out.  That had never happened before, so I asked an employee who assured me it would be back soon. 

Two days later, I was with a friend grabbing take out lunch at a SweetGreens. Hanging over the counter was a bold sign indicating that they had no arugula. 

This could be serious.  


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Yellow Shoes

I had to google arugula - rocket!
We grow rocket from seed for in a bucket sized tub on the patio.
Would your balcony accommodate a bucket sized tub?

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