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When I turned forty, I decided to take some steps to ensure that my youthfulness would go on forever.  I realized, however, that some effort on my part would be required.  So, I scheduled my first-ever-facial, and bought what we now call “product” to ensure that my skin would be Hollywood-perfect forever. 

It was probably too late to make up for all these days at the beach and on the tennis court, but I was going to try my best.

Somehow the facial habit never happened.  But the wrinkles did.  And although it is too little, too late, I decided that 85-year-old-me needed a bit of pampering.  So earlier this week, I had a facial. 

It was heavenly.  Quiet music played.  Gentle hands pressed delicious-smelling creams and lotions into my skin.  I felt like I was levitating.  I didn’t want it to end. 

But it did.


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Anne Brew ( soon to be Yellow Shoes )

It probably doesn't matter whether the facial helped your wrinkles or not.
What did matter were the gentle hands and the quiet music.
There are times when we all deserve pampering.

( my new blog name is Yellow Shoes as I've had a persistent scammer on my email and I've been advised by a "techy" friend to make myself less identifiable )

Barrie Levine

I think I will follow your fine example and do just that! Lovely post ….

J. Strauss

Dear Judy - This is a quick note about GF products for anyone interested My husband was diagnosed with celiac some 80 years ago, so has had long experience with GF products. He recommends Le Veneziane pasta (order on Amazon - only rarely in stores) - Manishewitz GF matzo ball mix - and, if you can deal with a company that has poor consumer relations (and sent us one stale package and refused to communicate about this) - Modern Barkery in NYC supplies the best tasting bagels (it seems to be the supplier for many bakeries.) Le Veneziane is so good that I easily serve it to company who never seem to know the difference. I no longer boil up two pots for pasta!

Best regards,


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