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Last Friday, an orange-clad-from-head-to-toe child of mine hosted his third annual clementine-eating contest in celebration of his 51st birthday.  Thirty-plus contestants (including his mother) from Sydney to San Francisco appeared in the Zoom squares. Probably a dozen more were around Jeremy’s dining room table captured by a web camera.

At “go,” all contestants had to wave an unopened 3-lb bag of clementines before digging in.  I was the timekeeper (and a participant). The winner in a record-setting 5 minutes and 11 seconds was Jeremy. (Last year’s winner, his brother, was on an airplane and couldn’t participate.)

I will resist including a link to the you-tube recording.


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Yellow Shoes

Although delicious I wonder if eating a whole bagful of clementines as fast as possible doesn’t cause a certain, er, looseness in the bathroom later?

Becky in California

Congratulations to Jeremy! I would actually have found it very interesting to observe his methods!

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