A Visit to the Past

Cantaloupe Revisited

In a long-ago blog post, I shared my inability to cut a not-crooked piece of cantaloupe..  And that, unlike most people, I eat my crookedly cut piece of cantaloupe with a knife.

I still eat cantaloupe every morning. Even during the winter, it’s pretty tasty. I also still cut it poorly.

Yesterday I started a new melon.  I was determined to concentrate and produce a decently shaped serving.  It took me way too long, but I was successful.  Somehow, it tasted even better than usual.

I couldn’t help but think of my grandson Leo, now nineteen, who long ago asked me the following: “Grammy, why do you eat cantaloupe with a knife.  My mommy told me never to put a knife in my mouth.”

Oh, the things we remember...


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