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As soon as I turned sixteen and got my driver’s license, I regularly tootled around Pittsburgh in my mother’s green Plymouth (stick shift) with the outstanding hits of the day e.g.,“How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?” blasting from the radio. 

In college, I started to enjoy classical music as well. (This interest was partially due to my crush on my professor in Twentieth Century Classical Music.)   But I married a man who only listened to classical music, and soon I lost track of popular songs.  In fact, our older son described us as his “classical-music-loving-parents.”

It’s never too late to catch up.

Or is it?


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When the pandemic started I found a music channel on my tv. I started listening to what I generally call my parents’ music, which I’ve always loved —swing, rhythm and blues, jazz. I began looking up info on the composers, band leaders, singers and musicians. What stories I found! There were people of a variety of races and cultures and almost all of them had tremendous challenges and dysfunctions—personality problems, financial issues, multiple marriages, drug issues, etc. Their lives sounded very contemporary.
But how talented they were and what joy their music continues to bring me.


I'm also a Pittsburgh native and was there in early 1950 when Toscanini conducted. I've been largely committed to classical music and opera. In recent years I've become nostalgic for my father's Big Bang and Broadway hits. I have a streaming radio service and have learned to enjoy playing random playlists. I've been introduced to wonderful songs by The Divine Comedy, Nelly McKey, the Wainwright family, and I've been enchanted by the music of the 1960's.

Isn't it weird that I set out to recommend new-ish music to you and mostly am stuck 50 Plus years back!

Anne Brew

What would I recommend to a fan of classical music who is interested in breaking out but still wants strong melody and lyrics that make you stop and listen:

Some suggestions..

Bob Dylan - c1963 - Oxford Town
Captain Beefheart - Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
Steeleye Span - All Around My Hat


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