An Old-Fashioned MD Appointment

Unaccustomed as I Am...

I made a little thank you speech last Sunday at 1:50 p.m. before I left for Penn Station in New York City to catch a train to Boston.  The speech was spontaneous.  The audience was small—but they were the five most important people in my life, and they had made my 85th birthday celebration perfection.

Last Thanksgiving Sunday, I had noticed a full-page ad of rave reviews for a new Broadway play.  I hadn’t been to New York in several years, but the reviews were extraordinary, and I decided then and there that I wanted my loved ones to join me  in New York for a weekend to celebrate my transition from being old to being old-old.

And to see the play.

A lot of pieces had to fall into place.

  1. Nobody could get Covid.
  2. I had to not have a fall.
  3. My older grandson would have to fly in from Minnesota where winter weather can be a showstopper, so-to-speak.
  4. My younger grandson and his parents had to drive safely from Maryland.
  5. Seth had to not be in Brazil.

And it happened.

Everybody made it. The play (Kimberly Akimbo) was loved by all of us.  We dined in a special restaurant for my birthday.  We walked.  We laughed.  Our last meal together was take-out from a gluten-free bakery/restaurant for Sunday brunch.  We ate outdoors.  I had a gluten-free bagel that was extraordinarily close to the last real bagel I ate twenty-three years ago.

So, before it was time for me to hop in a cab to the train station, the first of our group to leave, I made a speech.  I thanked the five people in the world I love the most for making me so happy.


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Elena Goldstein

What a beautifully executed weekend, Judy! I love that all the forces were with you for this superb celebration. May your 86th year be absent of physical failings so you can announce that you have pushed the definition of "old old" further down the line. Happy 85th from us.


WOW, Happy belated Birthday and kudos to your family. I know how difficult it is to get them all together. So glad it worked out for you.

Becky in California

A belated Happy Birthday, Judy! I was very happy just reading about your lovely weekend!


It is the best way . As I always explain to my family in this age we are not celebrating ME but WE. The birthdays are not the issue , but this unbelievable , wonderful, dear group of people around . Congratulations. Stay well

Paul Albert

Happy Birthday Judy! I am so grateful for your modeling of how to celebrate, how to ask for what you long for, how to love... Congrats on the well earned wonderful weekend.


Did you bring home a sack of those bagels?


Happy Birthday Judy. Thank you for sharing your celebration, sounded perfect. So happy it all fell into place, especially the gluten free bagels. What about the coffee ice cream?
Janet in California

Anne Brew

Wow. I’m so impressed on so many levels. To put yourself first but taking full responsibility for a weekend that all your family will have wanted to celebrate. But to just push ahead and do it. Just, wow.
We spent a long weekend in Manhattan for my 70th and stayed near Radio City - we loved the easygoing and wide open vibe and packed in 5 museums and galleries. We got a cab to drop us at the top end of Central Park and walked slowly back down to our apartment .
Happy Birthday Judy. x

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