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People...if you have never owned a pair of Birkenstock’s Arizona sandals, you don’t know how happy feet can be.  My Birkenstocks were always waiting at my front door to replace the high heels I wore at work.  Now, I wear them at least 50% of my waking hours.

I don’t know how many pairs I’ve owned over the years, but I always have a new pair on my closet shelf, just in case.

Birkenstocks have been produced for 248 years.  They must be doing something right.

It is said that Steve Jobs wore Birkenstock’s Arizona sandals while developing the Apple computer in his family’s garage fifty years ago. Those sandals recently sold to an undisclosed buyer for $218,750.00.

Because Peter taught computer science, we owned a very early Apple computer. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the Birkenstocks I wore while using it.


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ABSOLUTELY!!!!! The best shoes ever made. One of my Orthopedic Surgeons tells all his patients to wear them. I have 3 pair all the time. 1 stays in the house only and 2 for leaving. (we shed our shoes at the door). I wore them at work for many decades and they are perfect for Operating Room staff-we're on our feet for a living. I had no idea these shoes were invented so long ago. :-)


❤️ my Birkenstocks. My daughter used to make fun of me however she now wears them in silver and pink. They are the most comfortable shoes. I wear them in winter with socks.


So funny and relatable! I love my Birkenstocks! Curious though where you land on the Crocs spectrum because I sometimes find myself gravitation more toward those


I have an indoor pair and an outdoor pair at all times, but mine are Florida, not Arizona. My chiropractor lectured me about going barefoot, so indoors I'm either wearing Birks or slippers with ortho inserts.

I suppose you didn't keep the early Apple...


I just bought my first pair of Birkenstocks…they are wool clogs. Nowhere on the box are they labeled slippers, but that is what they are. I was disappointed, but they are very cozy as slippers. I’ve always thought the sandals didn’t have arch support…do they?

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