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"80 for Brady" is a new movie about four women who belong to a fan club for super-star and just-retired-football-quarterback Tom Brady.  The four stars (combined age of 335 years) are front and center on full-page ads for the movie.  I’ve read two reviews, one very positive, the other very negative. 

The four women, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Lily Tomlin and Sally Field look fabulous.  (By the way, I am especially grateful to Jane Fonda who kept me and two neighbors in shape with her workout decades ago.) The trailer for the movie shows them flitting around like teenagers.

But here’s the thing.  Eighty-plus years old women do not look that way.  The amount of “work” done on these women’s faces (and perhaps more) is obvious.  They are not role models for us eighty-somethings who wear our wrinkles with pride for a life well-lived.

I will skip the movie.


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Thank you for stating the obvious.

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