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Out in the World, At Last

The Blue and White Striped T-Shirt

Ten years ago, a friend of Jeremy’s was starting a business producing videos of families talking about their histories.  Potentially, those videos would replace the fading-away-photographs-of-old that we pull out today to look at our predecessors.

Peter and I were Jeremy’s friend’s guinea pigs.

We were interviewed separately, so I had no idea what Peter said. 

Jeremy decided to set aside the tapes for twenty years, but he offered me a look a few weeks ago. They now reside on You-tube. I think he sensed how much pleasure it would be for me to see what Peter had to say back then. And he was right.

Of course, I watched the interview of me too.  It seems that even ten years ago, I considered myself lucky.  However, (probably because I am a woman), I couldn’t help but focus on the beginning of facial lines that now appear front and center in the mirror.

I was wearing a blue-striped T-shirt that day. I still have that T-shirt, and it looks the same.  The person in it…

Not so much.


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Hi. I'm Dorie and I just signed up to receive your blog. I'm 86. I was active until a couple years ago, and because of the slow-down we all experienced during this Covid era and physical mobile issues (use a cane) I stay home most of the time and the surprising thing is, I want to. A couple of years ago I looked in the mirror and thought, "what the hell happened!" That's not the way I think of my appearance. But I'm grateful to still be vertical. I think a blog for my age bracket is going to be tremendous help. Old age doesn't guarantee that life gets easier. But there is still plenty to be grateful for.

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