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I can look through the peephole in my door and see the doors of eight units on my floor of our condo building.  When Peter and I moved in 4.5 years ago, there were newspapers in front of five of the doors every morning.  Now, there are only two.  That doesn’t mean my neighbors don’t read newspapers; it means they are reading the news online.

I start every day with stretches.  My reward?  Coffee and a newspaper that I hold in my hands.  And now that it’s just me, I get to start with the front page.

I fear that the day is coming when there will be no more hard copies of newspapers delivered.

Good news for trees; bad news for my breakfast.


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I too like a paper copy of what I read, especially a newspaper. Sadly our local newspaper was swallowed up by a hedge-fund, disguised as a news organization, and is practically useless, except for the Jumble. I do buy the New York Times and keep up with local news by an upstart that is all about local and county government, education, local events and local and surrounding business as well. But as you have probably guessed, it is all online. Without local news, citizens have no way of knowing how their money is spent or what they might wish to be part of for change or just because they care.

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