Out in the World, At Last
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On January 15, 2008, encouraged by our journalist son Seth, I stopped scribbling my thoughts on life in random notebooks and wrote my first post on 70-something.com.  At that time, no one (including me) thought I would still be “blabbing” to a bunch of people I don’t know (and some I do) fifteen years later.

What have I gained from this adventure? I’ve learned about commitment.  Brush my teeth twice a day; write a blog post twice a week. I’ve learned that writing helps me process the joys and disappointments that are part of all our lives.  And much more.

I’ve written 1,570 posts and have received several thousand comments from readers either on the blog site or by email.

At my age, each day is a gift so I don’t expect to be writing this for fifteen more years.

But one never knows.



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Oh, yes, Judy, please write your blog for at least fifteen more years. It means I must keep my commitment to reading it! Sharing your life and thoughts with us helps me to get my bearings somehow, even when you confess you might not have yours.
Might you consider writing 3x a week? Haha. No pressure.
With thanks and congratulations,
Rachel (aka Shelly)


I’ve been learning so much from reading your posts over the past few years. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here 🙂


Keep walking, keep learning, keep smiling, keep writing, and keep on keeping on!!!


Happy Anniversary!

I read your blog faithfully - though rarely comment. I'm trying for once a week in mine - and that's a challenge. Thanks for being an inspirattion.

Becky in California

Oh, how I hope you will still be writing in 15 more years, and that I will still be reading!

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